Looking For Work?

We run inductions every Tuesday and Thursday at our depot (160 Beach Rd, Parnell). Once you have been interviewed and inducted you can sign up for work with us. Please allow up to 2 hours for this process. 

Please bring along your IRD number, bank account details, any relevant visas or work permits, and any Site Safe or other licenses or certfications you have which relate to the civil and construction industries.

Please also bring any safety gear that you own (hard hats, steel cap boots, hi-viz jackets, safety glasses), and a long sleeved shirt and full length trousers (in case these are required). If you don't have any safety gear we can provide them for you at cost. 

Finally, please confirm which day you can come to our depot for your induction, by either:

1/  filling out the application form provided here, or            

2/  calling or texting us on 0272 249 675 

3/  emailing:  work@labourexchange.co.nz

PARKING:  We have a limited number of parking spaces at the depot, available at $13 per day, or there is all-day parking at Vector Arena for $10 per day.  There are also several other options in Parnell, ranging from $4 per day, details at  http://parnell.net.nz/info/parking/

Please take a few moments to send us your questions, comments or suggestions, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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