Good Bastards Page

The Labour Exchange is known as the 'Good Bastards' of Labour hire. A Good Bastard to us is someone who is enthusiastic, hard working, safe, honest, friendly, reliable, and willing to go the extra mile. We like to recognise clients and workers who stand out as being Good Bastards so every quarter we give out the LX Good Bastard Award.

The following people are past recipients of our Good Bastard Awards:




Matt Bird from Haydn and Rollett has won this Good bastard award as he is friendly to approach and always has a smile on his face.



Sri from Ebert Construction has used LX on too many sites over the years to mention. That is not why he is this quarter's Good bastard though. He always gives our workers respect and deals with our staff with honest feedback and a smile. Thanks for being a Good bastard Sri!



This quarter, we acknowledge Aaron Dobby from Canam, a Site Manager who has been using LX workers on many sites for many years. Why do we rate him as a Good bastard? Those who have met him will know you will be hard pressed to find a nicer bloke than Aaron, his attitude is infectious and he is consistently good to deal with.



Allan Buscke from Watts and Hughes has always been a Good bastard. He has used LX on many jobs over the years stretching from Papakura to Whangaparaoa and his relaxed, friendly approach is a pleasure to deal with. Allan is always happy to give honest feedback and continues to treat our workers with respect under all circumstances. It’s people like Allan that give Watts and Hughes such a good name, and we appreciate his ‘Good bastardness’.



Mike Stewart is definitely a Good bastard. We know this because we've worked with MIke on many Mainzeal sites over the years including the Scene Apartments, Smales Farm and more recently, 8 on Nugent. His patience and friendly attitude have been consistent throughout. Good Bastards, like Mike, are approachable. honest and willing to go the extra mile. He always gives us honest feedback on our workers and always has enough time for our staff, even when he is busy. Thanks MIke!



This quarter’s Good bastard award goes to Austin Irving. As LX wants to be known as the ‘Good bastards in the industry’, we like to associate and do business with Good bastards like us. Austin, a Site Manager for Canam Interiors has proven to be a Good bastard of late by regularly helping transport one of our labourers home and generally operating in an open, up front, hard case manner.



Congratulations Garry on winning this quarter’s LX Good Bastard award.  Garry has used our company for over ten years while working for three different companies. Over that time he has always treated our workers fairly and has been a pleasure for our staff to deal with.

Our workers love working for Garry because they know that, with the right attitude, they will be given genuine opportunities for long term work. It is no co-incidence that many of our best workers stay on Garry’s sites for many months. They enjoy being valued and treated with respect.


Akiya - small.jpeg


Akiya has been visiting New Zealand from Japan and is returning home soon. Wherever we have Akiya he has done a first rate job - a proper Good Bastard! Good luck in your future endeavours Akiya and don't forget to come visit.

2 Good Bastards - small.jpeg


Zac and Oliver are working on the same site together and are very responsible. They need very little supervision and just get on with the job at hand. Well done boys.

Debai - small.jpeg


Debai has not been with us long but already he is doing a fantastic job for Haydn and Rollett at 8 Lake Pupuke. Always smiling, Debai is punctual, very hard working and get the job done.



Chris Wood wins this good bastard award because he consistently works hard and brings a fantastic attitude to work every day.



Robert Toa has come back to The Labour Exchange after an extended period and we are happy to have him back. Robert is punctual, always puts in a solid day's work, and treats all bosses and workers with respect. He lives up to our Good Bastard values and we salute him for his efforts!



Roshan Reddy wins our worker good bastard award. Since he has been part of our team, he has been faultless. He is polite, conscientious and reliable. We are very lucky to have him out there representing us as it is our workers who keep up our good bastard reputation. Well done Roshan!



This quarter we salute one of our workers for being a good bastard. Leo Mariggio has a good bastard attitude..he is enthusiastic, hard working, and always has a smile on his face. He is asked back by every boss he is sent to for his personality, honesty and work ethic. He is exactly the type of good bastard we want representing our company. Well done Leo, thanks for your efforts!